Hoop Doop Magazine is a creative platform for underground fashion, music, and art shaped into a web magazine/blog. The main focus of the project is on “underground creative work” as we want to portray the artist and work’s inspiration through exploring contexts, analyzing roots, development, challenges and compromises, defining the production environment and the living of emerging artists.

The “shoot” is about all the things not yet seen, said and written about emerging talents working on the creative side!
Conceptualized and realized by a team of creatives, the platform is a meeting point for people from the art industry who want to exchange work and inspiration and be encouraging towards life.

We like to think of culture and art as ”Muses,” poetic inspirations brought to our world to be a life source, to be able to face daily life, to always challenge the perspective on society.

Hoop Doop is the sound made when transitioning from a sitting to a standing position; it is a step forward that describes a form of evolution.
We focus on movements and gestures, small steps as well as jumps, acts and pictures, from daily lives and daily challenges.



Attilio Brancaccio

Founder and Editor in Chief

Hoop Doop



Blog Editor & Social Media Manager