Since forming in 2010, The Third Sound have enjoyed the respect and support of psych godfather Anton Newcombe, who released their first album on ‘a’ recordings and chose the group to support The Brian Jonestown Massacre on tour in Europe.

Most recently they’ve shared members with Anton Newcombe and Tess Parks’ band, which has led to Parks’ appearance in the first single for their forthcoming third album, Gospels of Destruction, due for release in March 2016 on Fuzz Club.

The single “You Are Not Here” is a four-minute ballad of love and yearning that plunges the group’s country-tinged psychedelia into the sombre shadows of modern life in Berlin, which the album explores as its central theme.


The resulting sound is somewhat cleaner and darker than previous albums but is littered with surprising sweetness in its poeticism, percussion and nostalgic glow.

It entwines frontman Hakon Aðalsteinsson’s plangent voice, which sounds like it’s echoing through a dark and lonely night, with Parks’ sweet, smoky exhale that sounds as if it’s been raised on cigarettes and honey.

The vocals are set atop lilting percussion and trickling guitar riffs, which are bound to become a standout feature of the new album as they continue to whisper through your mind for hours after listening.

The track ebbs between light and dark, memory and reality, pop and experimentalism, in a modern rendition of a warmly familiar sound.

“You Are Not Here” is available for digital download from and all leading digital retailers.

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