From 12 November 2016 until 7 January 2017 Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam presents an exhibition of Dutch photographer Hans Withoos. For his latest series of photographs ‘Withoos meets Withoos’ he combined still lifes and landscapes of the 17th century painter Matthias Withoos with his own contemporary images.

By combining paintings with photography Hans Withoos brings still lifes alive again. Images are built up layer upon layer. With adding flowers, fishes, birds and models the original works are given a new and colorful story.

Matthias Withoos (1627–1703) was a distant relative of Hans Withoos. As a painter he is known for his Italianate landscapes and cityscapes. He followed his training as a painter with Jacob van Campen.

Hans Withoos (1962) is an inspired photographer with a passion for fashion and styling. His autonomous work is characterized by imaginative images with a refined aesthetics and is internationally exhibited in galleries and at art fairs. He has also made high-profile work for dance company Introdans and Orange Babies Foundation.

Eduard Planting Gallery also presents the new work of Hans Withoos at PAN Amsterdam. The contemporary fair for art, antiques and design takes place from 20 – 27 November in RAI Amsterdam.





12 November 2016 – 7 January 2017 – Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam

Gallery opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday: 1 – 6 PM.


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