urall.me is new Nordic narcissism, gender-fight-friend and low budget indie-anime.

The debut album “wat.r is free” is inspired by electronic neo-folk and consists of 11 tracks, 8 of which will be released as singles. The prolog for wat.r is free, “ardno,” was released as the first music video in a series of 11, on the 21st of October, every Friday until the 22st of December the band will release a single and a music video.

The band has its roots in fine art, its branches in electronic production and aims, with egocentrism, at the self-addictedness of man in the 21st century. urall.me initially started as a clothing brand focusing on gender and ego, and have since day one had a strong DIY aesthetics. Therefore urall.me is its own
record label and produces its own music videos. The triad behind the project met at an art school in an old baroque castle in the Jutlandic region of Denmark. Here they founded the artist collective urall.me
and began their collaboration in the autumn of 2016.


“Hovering spherically amongst aesthetics urall.me tries hard to translate the spontaneous sigh oozing out of the Jutlandic forest floor”

The collective is currently working on their live set and expects to be stage ready during the spring of 2018. 1. single – HI.NANCY out – 27/10 – 2017


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