TROUBLE IN PARADISE – Dennis Diem fall/winter 2015-2016.

Dennis Diem brought to the Amsterdam Fashion Week his new fall winter collection TROUBLE IN PARADISE.
I’m in love with the red super tough feminine pieces, the cut is so sharply outlined but still so light. Dennis Diem woman knows what she wants and she is not afraid to show it to the world.

With his fall/winter collection, Dennis Diem tells the story of Lilith who was, even before Eve, Adam’s first wife. In contrast to Eve, who was shaped from Adam’s rib, God created Lilith from the earth, as he did Adam. For centuries, Lilith has been an icon for feminists who refuse to be subservient to Adam – with all the consequences that inevitably followed. Her role as a seductress and her determination to choose for herself have made her immortal.

The collection
The fall/winter collection sets up powerful elements and strong lines against femininity and sensuality. The silhouettes play on the style of the perfect 1950s housewife, contrasted with wide-hemmed masculine pants, a high waistband and black-and-white tuxedo jackets. Bodices are featured in black-and-white lace including floral embroidery.

The circular skirts are made of silk gazar and woolen crêpe. For the voluminous evening dresses with crop tops in black and blood red, Diem used satin duchesse. Accessories of loosely knit necklaces and embroidered flowers made from pearly shells complete the collection.

The green rainbow/shiny elytra of the Thai jewel beetle feature in this collection’s key pieces. They are embroidered in a snakescale pattern. Important for Diem is the fact that these beetles died of natural causes, after which they were collected for their elytra.

About Dennis Diem
Dennis Diem (Amsterdam, 1978) approaches fashion as a handcrafted trade and his signature is hand working based on old traditions. He studied Marie Antoinette’s original corsettes and applied his discoveries to the manufacture of handmade corsettes for many years. Diem’s fascination for corsettes lies in the differences they make to the female form, the way in which they sculpt the female shape and its curves. The posture changes as soon as the corsette is strapped to the body. Diem believes that high-heeled shoes have the same effect, instantly transforming the woman’s aura.


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