I sat down again with duo Thierry Ganz and Lèlèman. The last time I had interviewed them was in the summer, and we have since then exchanged our short sleeved attire to down jackets. We went indoors and cradled cups of hot coffee while discussing what they have been up to since we last met.

They have just uploaded a new music video for their single “In the Night”. This has been part of their plan to release singles, as well as to work on publicity. They admitted that in the past they focused more on music than business, but they realized the importance of publicity to build a bigger platform and to reach a greater audience. You can find their music video here on HOOP DOOP or on Youtube.

Thierry Ganz and Lèlèman expressed a frustration that many musicians have. They are disappointed that music has become a formula more than a creative expression. Some musicians have the capability to raise the bar, but they are too easily satisfied, are not putting in enough effort, and are not putting art into music anymore. The duo fights against this formulaic approach to music by fusing genres together, such as neo-soul with house and techno, and spending three to four days per week in the studio.

The duo has always vocalized their love for music culture in Amsterdam. There are a lot of young musicians and many underground artists and bands. Most of their listeners are from Amsterdam, but they are spreading to countries like Germany, the United States, and Australia. Their most recent concert was in Berlin. When they are on stage, they go by the idea of “fuckup, pickup” also known as “the show must go on”. Even though they enjoy the comfort of the studio, with its tools and retakes, they love the audience reception that they receive at concerts.

Words by: Katherine Marciniak

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