Berlin psych/post-punk stalwarts The Underground Youth recently announced their 8th album What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This? and are now sharing the video for ‘Alice’ – the first single to be taken from the LP.

‘Alice’ is propelled from start to finish by shimmering, jangling guitars and the soulful 80s-esque croons of Craig yet underpinned by scuzzy bass-lines and simplistic but desolate percussion – this is a track that is just as much a piece of infectious guitar-pop as it is a blast of hauntingly good post-punk/psych. This is perhaps what is so special about The Underground Youth; their ability to create a brooding melting pot of neo-psychedelia, Berlin chillwave, post-punk, goth and shoegaze but delivered with a dreamy pop sensibility.

With a huge back-catalogue that’s collectively clocked up several million listens from a dedicated global following, Craig Dyer and co have acquired a cult-like status and have consistently been at the forefront of neo-psychedelia since their inception.

“The Underground Youth are cult heroes… ‘Amerika’ is a distorted vision of psychedelia left to rot in the open sewer. A bad trip, it’s the perfect vantage point to enter a Trump Presidency.” Clash

A strong believer in DIY ethos, Craig writes and records all of the project’s efforts himself and the creative process behind his music dines heavily on experimentation and an influence of literature, cinema and poetry. This process is clearly fruitful because his discography boasts seven LP’s and 3 EP’s, each delving into different sonic terrains and leaving the project with an esteemed reputation.

In 2012, after signing to Fuzz Club, The Underground Youth fleshed out to a full-band and headed out on tour. Since then The Underground Youth have been relentlessly touring, playing sold-out shows all over Europe and landing significant spots on some of Europe’s biggest psych festival

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The Underground Youth, officially released February 15th on Fuzz Club

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