What is the meaning of intellectual property in the fashion industry? Esther Meijer’s ‘Smiley Knee’ leggings were copied by H&M and several other commercial companies. Her powerlessness to prove her case and fight this form of plagiarism inspired her to make the documentary The Right to Copy. An evening with fashion designer Esther Meijer, shoe designer Jan Jansen and Marie-Aude Bauronian, senior lecturer at the University of Amsterdam.

The film follows Meijer in her quest for the meaning of copying in different cultures. It also examines the impact of the internet, social media and the replica industry on designers’ creative processes. To her surprise, she arrived at a nuanced view of the phenomenon.

Following the screening, experts will discuss the tension inherent in fashion between the desire for originality and ‘the new’ and the tendency towards familiarity and imitation.

The historical context will be provided by images from the collection of EYE Filmmuseum. Is copying really a purely recent phenomenon? In the new post-war satellite towns, Dutch housewives appropriated the most recent Parisian fashions. Magazines such as Libelle published patterns that enabled them to recreate Christian Dior’s New Look (1947). Then, as now, the distinction between inspiration and imitation was not always clear. With a contribution from Marie-Aude Baronial.


THURSDAY NIGHT 12/11 20:00 – 22:00

Thursday Night Dinner
Prior to the Thursday Night at 6.30 pm we serve a meal made from fresh, organic produce in Het Nieuwe Café. An opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers, HNI staff and other visitors. The meal costs €15 including drinks.

Practical information
Thursday 12/11/2015
Entrance: 19:30
Start programme: 20:00 – 22:00

Tickets: € 7,50

Students and Friends of Het Nieuwe Instituut: € 3,75

Thursday Night Dinner: € 15,00

Start: 18:30

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