The fifth Reverb Conspiracy LP from Fuzz Club Records is officially out! This time around the compilation boasts physical exclusives from TRAAMS, Julie’s Haircut and Melt Dunes as well as a heap of other killer tracks from some of the finest underground bands in psych-rock, post-punk, kraut, shoegaze and everything in between.

Fuzz Club are a London-based record label with an unmatched knack for tapping into international waters to discover new artists to add to their vast, hefty back-catalogue of countless album releases, split singles and live sessions. Acting as a crucial catalyst for the trans-national psych scene and its many surrounding remits, one of the labels most revered releases is their annual Reverb Conspiracy compilation. Likened to a modern-day Nuggets series and hailed by The Vinyl Factory as “a time-capsule-like documentation of modern psych”, it’s previous four volumes have included music from GOAT, Anton Newcombe, The KVB, The Cosmic Dead, Josefin Ohrn & The Liberation and Ulrika Spacek to name a few.

As 2017 draws to a close, Fuzz Club are delighted to announce The Reverb Conspiracy: Volume 5, due for release January 19th. Joining a number of Fuzz Club’s own artists – including 10,000 Russos, The Gluts and JuJu – will be physical exclusives from TRAAMS and their biting motorik post-punk, cult Italian psych-rockers Julie’s Haircut and the harrowing psychedelic snarl of Portsmouth upstarts Melt Dunes and many, many more. The full track-list can be found below.

Talking of Reverb Conspiracy Volume 5, Fuzz Club explains: “Be it psych, garage-rock, post-punk, shoegaze, krautrock or just straight up rock’n’roll, whatever your shtick underground music has never been better than it is right now. The aim of these annual Reverb Conspiracy compilations has been our attempt to try and document the ridiculously good music out there at the minute. As the World At Large seems to be veering into an eerie, increasingly-divided dystopia, let’s forget about all the doom and gloom for a second and be unified by one thing – just good f*cking music. Forget a ‘scene’, this is a movement.”

“From its inception in 2012, The Reverb Conspiracy was a catalyst for the European Psych Nouveau movement… sparking more creative chemistry than a night of speed dating at Andy Warhol’s Factory” Noisey

“Both the Reverb Conspiracy series and label has grown as one of psych’s most respected of their kind… What sets The Reverb Conspiracy selections apart from other psych rock compendiums is the challenging level of diversity on offer here.” Drowned In Sound

“An expertly crafted analysis of garage, psych, space rock.” Clash Magazine

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