Taquito Jocoque ’s work is direct. From her strokes flows a primitive energy that at the same time possess a nostalgic load. Music, nature, sex, friends and likes, what she sees, what surrounds her are her main sources of inspiration. By moments are absurd, acid images of a unprejudiced innocence and in other is a brutal thisness. She collects the non collectable, she floods the spaces appropriating without modesty of every centimeter.

Taquito Jocoque work exposes the “no planning” that border cities reflect, the texmex culture, the instinctive collage, the mix between the contemporary and the traditional, two real Mexicos that rarely come together.

Taquito Jocoque interest is for the popular iconography, for the plastic culture packed in the US, it looks like almost anthropological, but no, in her work everything is born without previous thinking. She doesn’t do installations, she is her own installation, because the arts live in her, and that is what fascinates us. Taquito Jocoque knows perfectly what she wants, where is she is going, what she wants to show us and tell us.


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