Tales of Murder and Dust are a Danish band and undoubtedly favourites of Fuzz Club’s, on the first listen it’s not hard to see why. ‘Hallucination of Beauty’ was their first LP, originally released independently back in March 2012. London label Fuzz Club are now beyond excited to be giving the album a long-overdue vinyl re-issue.

Tales of Murder and Dust

Whilst their most recent LP ‘The Flow In Between’ is a much more bleak, opiate affair, ‘Hallucinations of Beauty’ is a magnificent master-class in hypnotic neo-psychedelia; propelled by mystical droning rhythms, barely discernable vocals, walls of fuzzed-out guitars, orchestral violins and far-Eastern sitars, this is an incredible album that transcends the realms of drone, psych and shoegaze to bring a medieval sounding, atmospheric collection of songs that will leave you spellbound.

London label Fuzz Club are delighted to be reissuing the incredible debut LP ‘Hallucination of Beauty’ from Danish shoegaze/neo-psych outfit Tales of Murder and Dust.

Fuzz Club signed the band last year for the release of their latest LP ‘The Flow In Between’, a much more post-rock leaning record, compared to their earlier efforts. ‘Hallucination Of Beauty’ is a more cinematic affair, offering an otherworldly mixture of dark shoegaze and Eastern-influenced psych-rock.

‘Hallucination of Beauty’ was far too good of an album for Fuzz Club to dismiss as part of the bands pre-signing back-catalogue so the label took it upon themselves to give the record a long-overdue reissue. Originally released independently by the band, the LP has now been pressed to vinyl for the first time – getting the full Fuzz Club treatment with 180gm vinyl, embossed gatefold sleeves and high-quality artwork.

“Tales’ particular brand of darkness sinks comfortably through your skin, nestling itself in your very bloodstream.” Noisey


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