Takahiro Kimura was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1965. He first studied technology of painting and graphic design at Salesian Polytechnic, and then moved on to Setsu Mode Seminar to learn the skill of drawing, landscape painting and fashion drawing.

Since 1991, Takahiro Kimura has been creating his own unique style of collages which strive to show the complicated nature of the human spirit through peculiar physical distortions.
He makes his collages by cutting up photos and assembling them into formations to which color is then applied, thereby creating a whole new visage with an unforgettable impact.

[The faces] Takahiro Kimura draws depict in a formidably conspicuous way the karmic suffering and ugliness of a human being. For this reason, the works feel somewhat lonely even though they are drawn with dazzlingly brilliant colors.
Consequently, his paintings burn unforgettably intense impressions to the consciousnesses of people who’ve seen them. In his career so far Kimura has created a broad spectrum of works, including illustrations for advertisements; books, exhibitions of his original works, and even a live painting demonstration in which a gigantic face was created on a canvas.

Since 2003, Kimura has evolved his interest in faces, producing a collaged animation series which breathed new life into the hallucinatory, constantly mutating movements that emerge out of every single drawing. His first art book [e-motion], published in 2010, has 10 collaged animation series.
He also made a short-film titled [meat], which was screened at many occassions, including Annecy Animation Film Festival (2010,France), MECAL(2011,Spain), Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation(2010,Germany), and Short Shorts Film Festival (2011,Japan).
Kimura’s animation series includes a virtual company called [KIMSNAKE], in which many characters with strong personalities sing and dance. These have also been introduced in TV and on a website.

Takahiro Kimura

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