SUE is a new fashion-label for wheelchair users.
SUE is one of the first brands with fashionable adapted confection for an affordable price.

The first collection of SUE will exist out of range of classic, basic and key items, this is to speak to a larger audience, since there’s less, almost no, choice for those using a wheelchair.

Once in a while SUE comes with a special edition piece to expand your wardrobe and to mix and match items to your own style. With the right clothing and accessories you can show who you are.
SUE gives back your identity to the outside world.

SUE puts no focus on the disability or wheelchair, but on style and the identity of the costumer.
A new time, a new brand, a new vision.

SUE is more than just a brand, more than just fashion. SUE is strong, fierce, fight for what it stands for and no-nonsense. A brand with a vision, a story to tell. This is evident in the collection itself. A strong, classic collection with basic needs. Key items and classics as a powerful foundation to express yourself and to show what you feel, to show who you are.

We dress to what we feel, who we are. We dress for the occasion.
With clothes we wear out who we are, what we are.
It’s our first impression.

Clothing brings people together, let us stand out or blend in.
We dress to a standard, to a style, to a scene, to fit in.

lothing is unconsciously even more important to us than we might realize.
It’s an extension of our identity.

Without we’re not complete.


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