Steeple Remove / Laurent Garnier
Oval Strii Remix

Rouen-based four piece Steeple Remove have been a staple of the French underground for over twenty years. Arriving onto the scene in 1998 with their debut full-length on the cult indie imprint Sordide Sentimental (Joy Division, Throbbing Gristle), in the decades that followed they maintained a mysterious presence, constantly going in and out of hiding only to return every few years with another surprise album. In 2018 they did exactly that, signing to Fuzz Club and releasing their fifth full-length Vonal-Axis, an expansive melting pot of post-punk, dub, shoegaze and kosmische pop.

Already long sold-out, Steeple Remove are now sharing a new remix for the album’s opening track, courtesy of legendary dance music pioneer Laurent Garnier. Where the album version of ‘Oval-Strii’ was a woozy slice of droning shoegaze, the remix sees Garnier transform the track into an eight-minute voyage of warped, euphoric electronica that’s driven by cosmic synths and an endless metronomic beat. The remix is also released alongside a reworked version of the original video made by the visual artist Julien Brunet.

Steeple Remove

A true hero of the electronic circuit whose career can be traced back to the late-80s, Garnier become something of an icon for carving out an extensive and deeply-eclectic back-catalogue that took its cues from the sounds of Detroit, Chicago and Manchester. The latter perhaps unsurprising considering it was at The Haçienda where a young Garnier discovered his love of electronic music and wound up DJing in the club’s heyday under the DJ Pedro moniker.

Shoegaze and dance music may sound like a questionable combo but with both artists being masters of their craft, it’s no surprise that the result is something that makes you want to both stare longingly into the void and dive right into it with wide eyes and an achy jaw.

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