Korean artist Soo Sunny Park is specialized in manipulating light and space to build immersive architectural estructures.

Born in Seul, South Korea, Soo Sunny Park is an artist and sculptor whose artworks are often characterized by beautiful and luminous arrangements of shapes and structures.

So Sunny studied a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, she later did a Masters in sculpture in Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She currently lives in Hanover, New Hampshire, where she is an Associate Professor of Art Studio at Dartmouth College.

This Korean artist creates abstract environments that seem to be imaginary so the viewer can experience them as real spaces. She likes to work with geometrical shapes, as well as light and shadows. She creates organic figures that take a specific form once they are settled inside the gallery. In order to produce unpredicted results Sunny tends to use industrial and everyday materials. This artist makes sure that her creations can be influenced by aspects that she cannot control, like moisture in the air, daylight, dust, gravity, and shadows.




One of her most acknowledged artworks is “Unwoven Light”, a wonderful dangled installation that took her almost one year to complete and that was exhibited at the Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas in 2013. This sculpture was formed by thirty seven units of chain link fence with plexiglass. It took almost ninety hours to construct each unit. The colorful outcome was achieved when light was reflected over the plexiglass iridescent surface and then across the room, which meant that not a single glass could be colored; it was an optical illusion that depended mainly of the time and the weather.

It is common to see concepts of interstitial and liminal spaces in her work, which help her to analyze and express her curiosity for the physical and imaginary worlds. At first sight in “Unwoven Light”, the chain-like wire is not visible given the strong impact of the plexiglasses, since they appear to be suspended on the air by themselves. However, the closer you come to the sculpture the more you can realize a metallic structure holding the glasses, which by consequence is dividing the space the artist has created.


Soo Sunny Park


Boundary Conditions”, is an undulated installation of Sunny, it is exhibited in the  New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut. This piece considers the element of reality and imagination. It is a plexiglass sculpture in a staircase where the essential attribute is refracted light. Next to the artists’ drawings of their blurred shadows on the wall, spectators can perceive iridescent shreds of neon green, yellow, blue, and grey, making it impossible to distinguish which shadows are real and which ones are not.

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Words:  Dalia Vasquez

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