Seyr is an UK based act consisting of two brilliant symbiotic musicians that together create music that demands global attention. Back To Future ever so proudly presents seyr – creators of music you inevitably will fall deeply in love with.

With their first collection of tunes named “nights without…” attracting a considerable amount of attention within the industry, they are now on the verge of releasing their anticipated second collection of songs “a love”.Their vast in uences create a huge sound scape of emotive melodic and rhythmical shifts, giving an unpredictable edge to their future work and live shows.

Ever heard a song so perfect to drift off to, thinking of that special someone? With heavenly vocals and pulsing drums, ‘a love’ provides a soundtrack, which guides us onto a journey within. Zone out, drift off, lose track of where you are, and simply listen. We’ll let the song do the talkin’, and let you do the adding onto playlists.


With lyrical abstractness, and a dynamic soundscape, Seyr explores ways of saying a lot with a little with combinations of bits of guitar, voice chatter, warped percussive things, and sounds of the like.
With “These Chords” we’re not even on Planet Earth anymore, but somewhere in space oating to deep, sweet tunes pleasing our ears.

Clash“Gorgeous, glistening synth like crackling intro fractured electronics buoyed by a soulful vocal. seyr are reminiscent of early Burial or even Mount Kimbie with more vocal led production.”

Line Of Best Fit - “seemingly emerging from the darkness of the noir, quality electronic tinted lo- & beautifully soulful, unrestrained vocals emerge amidst the purring composition.”

Giles Peterson“strong”
Mary Anne Hobbs“Beautiful”

Seyr has our hearts – give them one chance to win yours too.

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