SEKEL are a punk/kraut band hailing from Malmo, Sweden.

In their short two-year existence they’ve picked up a fast-growing reputation within the dark and murky Scandinavian underground, sharing the stage with likes of Ringo Deathstarr, Follakzoid, Dungen and many more with just a three-track 7” behind them. Now ready to take their motorik post-punk croons to in an international audience, they’re teaming up with London imprint Fuzz Club Records for the release of their self-titled debut album, officially released December 15th.

With the release announcement, the four-piece are sharing the first single from the album ‘Next To Nothing’ – named after a poem by Paul Bowles that was printed by Angus Maclise’s (former Velvet Underground drummer) and Ira Cohen’s tiny 70s publishing house ‘Bardo Matrix’. Citing influences from the likes of CAN and Neu! through to Gang of Four and Wire, SEKEL blur the line between repetitive, hypnotic krautrock rhythms and biting, angular post-punk.

On the first single, the band explain: ‘Next To Nothing’ is really intended to reflect its title. It started out of automatic writing but turned out to become something like a back-and-forth scenario of an approaching death – and death itself – out of some weird, nervous and hellish narrative. A constant flow of anxiety and liberation at the same time, like a surreal fever dream of existential liminality.”

SEKEL is comprised of Markus Mannberg (guitar/vocals), Fredrik Larsson (bass/vocals), Felix Sjöbolm (guitar) and Nordström Rydahl (drums) .The four have been playing music together since they were teenagers but formed SEKEL in late 2015. In the summer of 2016 they released a 7” titled ‘Selasi/Fred’s Wave’ on Rundgang Rekords.

“Dark, murky psych with a visceral punk edge… Reminiscent of Hookworms or even Hey Colossus, [Sekel] moves from post-punk noir to murky, sludge-driven bombast.” Clash

“A mix of 70’s kraut, mulling postrock and dystopian psychedelia that
makes the music feel timeless and captivating. A band to keep an eye on”

“[Sekel] play atmospheric and melodic post-punk, heavily sprinkled with the type of noise one would associate with A Place To Bury Strangers or My Bloody Valentine”482mhz

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