Sabine Jacobs (DE) | Gerda Kruimer (NL)
Form On-Line

zaterdag 1 juni 2019
17.00/ 21.00

Performance van Silvia Terribili 19.00

Form On-Line
Jacobs and Kruimer show both a spectacular application of their creative tools. Besides this, more or less traditional control, they are able to express their artistic vision clearly. Though sharing a linear, constructive and spatial common ground, Kruimer mainly uses the straight line, while Jacobs is employing more amorphous forms of growth. This contradiction promises to provide an interesting dialogue in these ‘interesting times’.

The complex paper constructions of Sabine Jacobs have a fragile spatiality and radiate an almost fairy-tale beauty. But a closer look reveals strong, earthly forms that originated from a precise observation of the plant world. The basic structure of the sculpture is built by bending and tying metal wire, which is then covered with transparent, oil-based paint treated, tissue paper. During the working process, Sabine Jacobs appropriates nature without literally depicting it. Rather, it produces nature itself, which invites associations.
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Gerda Kruimer applies “the line” in her autonomous drawings in different ways and from different starting points: the urban landscape, certain native architecture, mathematical projections, random patterns. Lines become different grids that are placed in layers on top of each other, without exact measurements. Fascinated by the countless lines that make unspoken and unseen connections in the spatial whole, she usually works in series.The emphasis in her formal language is constantly shifting because, partly due to her travels, new sources of inspiration are constantly emerging.
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Form On-Line , curated by Kitty Doomernik and Luca Rezzolla, will be on display until
Saturday July 13 2019.


Breed Art Studios
Het Laagt 178 1025GL Amsterdam

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