‘Burning Inspiration’

During the last few years Sugar Shack Records alongside our sister labels Bristol Archive Records and Reggae Archive Records, have had the privilege of releasing great music old and new from some of Britain’s greatest reggae bands including Talisman, Capital Letters, Steel Pulse, Black Symbol and Black Roots. With our signing of Royal Sounds, we truly believe we have a new British band worthy of standing alongside such esteemed company and also a band that will carry reggae music forward for years to come; this really is a very important debut album.

Royal Sounds are a young family based band consisting of brothers Ajani and Gyasi who formed the band in 2012 and their cousin Hannibal, joined by Ras Sempah. Ajani and Gyasi’s father Ras Alkebu, was lead guitarist for the legendary Prince Lincoln Thompson’s Royal Rasses. The brothers have followed in their father’s footsteps from an early age, learning their musical craft and gaining essential experience by backing many leading reggae artists in live shows across the UK and Europe. Having served such an in-depth apprenticeship, mastering several instruments, learning production skills and perfecting their song writing, Royal Sounds are ready to showcase their message to the world with “Burning Inspiration”.

This is an album with consistent themes. Royal Sounds write songs about what they see around them in London and the wrong direction so many of their contemporaries seem to choose in life. They write about the Rastafarian faith that underpins their lives and music, about spiritual enlightenment and the eternal roots themes of repatriation, Babylon and wrongdoers. These themes knit together into a single coherent album that brings roots reggae bang up to date, coupled with a social relevance it’s rarely had during the least three decades.

“Burning Inspiration” is nothing short of a manifesto to seek enlightenment and embrace the spiritual path of Rastafari whilst rejecting the materialism and greed the youth and others are encouraged to embrace by a brainwashing (Babylonian) system. Songs like “Departure”, “Look How Long”, “Message Music” and “Natty In London” are all aimed at the band’s youthful contemporaries, find the right path, don’t be distracted by material possessions and earthly pleasures, seek enlightenment instead.

A Rastafarian message percolates through the songs, “Departure” calls the youths in the future needing to find the right path, “Fight For Your Rights” sees them becoming UK soldiers in Jah army, “Love” celebrates the rule of Jah Rastafari in positive, upbeat and highly catchy style. Likewise “Message Music” encourages one to seek enlightenment and free up your mind!

The roots reggae staple of repatriation gets fresh impetus with “The Motherland”, it’s traditional themes reinforced by a nice use of Matic horns in classic reggae style, “No Amnesia” meanwhile deals with the misappropriation of Africa’s wealth and cultural heritage as well as a call to learn about its history.

Evildoers are given short shrift in the anthemic “Vampire Slayer” sticking a musical lightning stick into the vampire’s heart. “Pied Piper” deals with those who wish to control us while “Fyah” attacks the whole Babylonian system seeking to cleanse the earth with an unquenchable fire before it can be reborn fresh and pure. The album concludes with “You Can Do Anything” a mellow slice of upbeat positivity, take control of your life and you can do anything you want. “Burning Inspiration” is a bonus track on the CD and Digital.

This is an album for both the present and the future, it’s themes and production are of the moment whilst still being true to reggae’s illustrious heritage, a heritage with which the band are totally at home. There’s not a weak moment among the thirteen tracks and the band not only play with skill, but also a refreshingly genuine belief in what they do and their message. This album is a statement of intent that is sure to cause quite a stir with reggae fans worldwide, definitely one of the year’s highlights.

Royal Sounds “Burning Inspiration” is released by Sugar Shack Records on the 20th of October 2018, available on limited edition high quality double vinyl LP, CD and as a digital download, distributed by Shellshock/SRD and available form good retailers and on digital platforms worldwide.


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