I.K.B. (International Kingfisher Blue) – ROLAND BERNING & JAQUELINE LAMME

OPENING: Friday 22nd January 2016 | 17:00-20:00 hrs

The installation at Breed Art Studios – a co production of Jacqueline Lamme (1964) and Roland Berning (1956) – is a tribute to the common kingfisher ‘Alcedo atthis’.

While producing a melodramatic high sound the kingfisher unexpectedly appears and all you see is a sensational blue flash skimming along the stream.

Nobody ever forgets such an accidental observation. In many cultures this bird with its remarkable blue, orange and white colours has led to various symbolic interpretations. Is the kingfisher an imaginary creature? A representative of the immaterial? This presentation of Lamme & Berning is likewise about the immaterial value of art. Just like the kingfisher, art has its material appearance, but the intrinsic value is fundamental.



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