Robotanica x Tolhuistuin

Transnatural Art & Design opens an outdoor exhibition at Tolhuistuin Amsterdam that highlights the dawn of robotics in nature. From 1 June to 15 June, Robotanica will shed light on a new era – a new nature – wherein the wilderness is populated by technological creatures. Robotanica’s point of departure is the (future) application of technology that positively contributes to the damaged ecosystem. After two successful indoor exhibitions, it is now time to release new works into nature.

Participating artists, designers and researchers present works that show and explore this shift in nature. The interlocking of technology with ecosystems can have an impact on the Anthropocene – the age in which humans have an enormous negative impact on planet earth – in small and big ways.

Does the arrival of robotics in nature signify a new evolution? Will extinct animals be replaced with artificial ones to balance out the impact on the ecosystem? Can farm chickens experience a better life through virtual reality? Will cows be capable to take charge by deciding for themselves who they want to sell their milk to? Can humans guide animal migration and behavior remotely?

Besides the outdoor exhibition Transnatural hosts lectures, performances and workshops in collaboration with EYE Amsterdam, amongst others. During the day, visitors can take part in expeditions and workshops.


Robotanica exhibition
2 June – 15 June 2018 | Tolhuistuin – Amsterdam
Opening: 1 June, 5.30pm.





Projects and participants

Cloud Machine / Reiner Maria Matysik (GER)
Woodpecker / Rihards Vitols (LV)
Human Sensor / Kasia Molga (UK)
Tumbleweed Robots / Shlomi Mir (IL)
The Weather War / Bigert & Bergström (SE)
DelFly Explorer / TU Delft (NL)
ReEarth / Interactive Architecture Lab (UK)
Second Livestock / Austin Stewart (US)
Vessels / Sofian Audry
Stephen Kelly & Samuelst-Aubin (CA)
Insect Biobots / North Carolina State University (US)
Wood Crystals / Aad Kruiswijk (NL)
A diverse Monoculture / Jip van Leeuwenstein (NL)
Autonomous Agriculture / Johanna Schmeer (GER)

More participants TBA.

EYE on Art X Robotanica

12 June 2018 | EYE Filmmuseum | 7.15 – 9.00pm

On Tuesday, 12 June Transnatural, in collaboration with EYE Filmmuseum, organizes an evening program that revolves around the theme of ‘nature and robotics’. The EYE on Art x Robotanica night consists of short films, interviews, performances and project demonstrations that explore and stretch the boundaries of technology, nature, and society.


Plasm / Tez (NL/IT)
Harvest / Hertog Nadler (NL)
Seamless / Theo Triantafyllidis (US/GR)
Mother Earth Network / Elise Marcus (NL)

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