RMFTM (Radar Men from The Moon) is a Dutch art collective who approach music as avant-garde exploration and in doing so have forged their own ‘psych-house’ genre – one that’s relentlessly abrasive and needs to be played loud. Subversive II: Splendor of the Wicked is the second LP in a trilogy of albums in which the group is looking to explore, deconstruct and subvert their creative process and themselves as a band. In doing so the colossal head-on collision between psych and acid house stretches the definitions of noise, space and time. If you’re a fan of The Soft Moon, Gnod and White Hills then this will definitely be your bag.


Teutonic beats provide the foundation for Subversive II, RMFTM then build on their sound by looking inwards at themselves to rip it up and start again, breaking down and rebuilding their artistic process. This is no soulless experiment, Subversive II has a beating, bleeding heart behind the angular, incessant beat. It’s a relentless aural assault, each note a sand grain, mercilessly shifting, an idea mutating. Snatches of guitar, swathes of synths and stabs of bass are all sampled and reconstructed. Imagine La Dusseldorf headlining an eighties acid house all-nighter and you’d be pretty close.

‘You Filled The House With Merciless Sand’ begins the aural assault, each note a sand grain, mercilessly shifting, an idea mutating. Again there is the mesh of styles with ‘Splendor of the Wicked’ which begins with distant notes transmitted from the edge of the universe. Then the wild bass bleeds in and it could be Amon Duul II and CAN jamming with Detroit techno visionaries Jeff Mills or Carl Craig. It counts down to a raging climax, a monstrous wall of noise driven by a pummeling beat.

RMFTM may be instrumental but you don’t need lyrics to realise this reeks of revolution. ‘Masked Disobedience’ begins and ends with harsh celestial static, underpinned by pounding drums and screeching synths. A hypnotising bass-line roils as the song races to its otherworldly crescendo. ‘Rapture’ begins and ends in metallic clatter building up to a euphoric height forged by the industrial landscape of Eindhoven. It may send you deep into a trance now but live it’s sure to get you moving.

Translucent Concrete is on the surface a thundering bass and driven track but there is so much more nuances behind that ceaseless beat. A few listens only scratch the surface of what is hidden in the mix waiting to be discovered. This is future music forged now but coloured by the past. On record it is a monstrous sound. Imagine the power it will have live.

Following on from their recent split single with White Hills, RMFTM have been ceaselessly affirming themselves as figures of psychedelic re-invention amongst their contemporaries. The band co-curate Eindhoven Psych Lab and this year they’ll be performing in collaboration with Gnod to coincide with the release of the new album. They’re known for their prolific live show, one they’ve taken on several European tours, appearing on numerous psych festivals including Liverpool Psych Fest, Eindhoven Psych Lab, Desertfest Berlin and Cosmosis Festival.


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