Looiersgracht 60 is delighted to present the first edition of Printing Plant Art Book Fair in Amsterdam.

During Amsterdam Art Weekend, 23-25 November 2018, Looiersgracht 60 is organising a one of a kind art book fair for like-minded, independent publishers. With over 80 (inter)national publishers, Printing Plant will present a remarkable selection of artist editions, catalogues, books, monographs, periodicals and zines that are generally unavailable in bookshops. Spanning 750 square meters of exhibition space, this fair invites visitors to learn from a range of carefully selected independent publishers, antiquarian dealers, artists, galleries and printmakers who will be showcasing their works throughout the weekend.

Publishing has assumed an increasingly central position within artistic practices yet it has become increasingly difficult to produce, distribute and present special art books in recent years – often due to the lack of funds. Many beautiful titles are only on view in the shops of a few motivated and specialist booksellers, museum bookshops and galleries. Independent artistic print culture has a rich narrative in Amsterdam, yet there has been no art book fair in the Netherlands since 2011. Looiersgracht 60 has therefore taken this opportunity to offer a platform for artists and publishing houses to present the beautiful publications they are producing to the wider public.

The unique housing and history, of Looiersgracht 60 has been utilised to correspond to the etiquette of the fair. Prior to its current use as a non-profit exhibition centre for art, design and architecture, Looiersgracht 60 was home to a cardboard and paper factory that also printed pamphlets, posters, limited editions and cards for artists and museums. The building thus has a long-standing connection with the artist community in Amsterdam, making it the ideal location for Printing Plant. Reiterating its past and previous functions, Looiersgracht 60 conceives a new platform for printed matter.





Looiersgracht 60

Looiersgracht 60 is a non-profit exhibition centre for art, design and architecture. Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s 19th century industrial area, this former cardboard and bottling plant has evolved into a dynamic space with a thoroughly contemporary function. Operating for public benefit, the institute organises two to three thought provoking exhibitions per year, showcasing works by emerging or established artists, designers and architects. Being both artist driven and curated in close collaboration with the participating artists, each exhibition offers a unique and situation specific approach. As well as being a non-profit exhibition space, Looiersgracht 60, is an independent publishing house, regularly producing limited-edition paperbacks to accompany its exhibition programme.

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