Urban Sketches Drawn By Instinct. Patrick Vale known for the remarkable detail and quality of his freehand architectural drawings.

Patrick Vale is a visual artist whose unyielding artistic talent is characterized by his ability to capture every single portion of a cityscape.

He was raised in Bristol, UK, where he spent time drawing cities in pen on paper since the age of twelve years old. He grew fond of tall buildings after looking at them in photographs and books of United States his father used to give him.

patrick vale

Patrick Vale starts by drawing in the lower middle of the view; after that, he proceeds to create the surroundings in a speedy and spontaneous manner. His drawings are complete works of art in which fire escapes, buildings, rooftops and streets are created in an imperfect way but with great care of perspective and proportion. He uses different pens, brushes, markers, old fashioned nib pens and pencils; however, he often finishes drawing darker lines to enhance the three-dimensionality of the illustration.

patrick vale

patrick vale

Patrick’s main philosophy does not reside on a perfect drawing but on persistency, effort and the joy it brings to the artist while making it.

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Words:  Dalia Vasquez

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