Hi Pasquale, tell us something about yourself.

I’m an Italian architect and food designer. And I have lived in Amsterdam for about six years, together with my partner and our two old cats.


A food designer? This sounds interesting indeed! What does a food designer do?

A food designer basically develops new ways of presenting and enjoying food. Shapes, colors, materials and textures are the elements I am constantly focused on in order to create “edible objects”. But the “playful aspect” is also crucial to me. Because food is mainly a social thing and people are always supposed to react to and interact with our culinary creations. With Archichef.nl, the company I have founded, I combine my own ideas with other people’s creativity and design events where food becomes the perfect partner of art, fashion and advertising.




Tell us a bit more about Archichef: when and how did this project start?

Archichef  was born under the snow, at Christmas 2009, for a charity event organized by the global advertising agency Wieden+KennedyThe idea was to combine the creativity of advertising with the visual concept of food and design. For the occasion we created “tovaglio”, a paper tablecloth with handmade stencils. It was a very successful experience and, since then, Archichef has been growing bigger and bigger. I’m not a “one-man-show” anymore: my trustful business partner Carlo now helps me with project management and administration. And we have a great network of professional collaborators too: copywriters, graphic designers, waiters, photographers… From small, intimate dinners to huge events, from private parties to fashion shows, Archichef has worked in several locations for clients like Ilja Visser Group, Azzurro 2, Sanoma Media and Elle Decoration.




And what is your plan for the future? Any project? Any dream?

Sooner or later I would love to open my own shop here in Amsterdam. A place where I could display all my food creations and my design projects. I would also like to organize some workshops where I could share with other people my passion for cooking and my love for new, amazing “edible objects” – like the delicious cherry tomatoes dipped in dark chocolate, which have become Archichef.nl’s trademark.


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