Oneandtwo is a Spanish/English artistic partnership. Juan Andres and John McKitterick have worked together since 1992, in London, New York, Costa Rica and Spain.

Focusing on the interconnecting areas within the themes of humanity, society and culture, oneandtwo develop their art through observing, contemplating and discussing the times in which we live. Reflecting on how the present effects society and the individual, the aim of their work is to propose futures.

The two artists work in any medium that will successfully produce their objective; the communication of the idea. For oneandtwo the idea is the most important element in their work.

Their concepts are complex and multilayered but they ensure that their ideas be seen, appreciated and understood. They achieve this through elegance of thought, method, technique and procedure. Elegance is of the utmost importance to oneandtwo; elegance as in a mathematical proof or philosophical theory.

Their work has been exhibited internationally at venues such as Freedom Gallery, London, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, The Science Museum, London, Throckmorton Gallery, New York, Central Saint Martins, London, The Truman Brewery Galleries, London, The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburg and SUMA, Madrid.

Presently they live and work in Madrid and London.




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