Juxtaposing Reality And Magic. Oleg Oprisco a fine-art photographer that creates mesmerizing enchanted worlds through detail, dedication and old-school photography techniques.

“As soon as the feeling of progressing and belief in success develops, your mind will instantly sparkle with a unique recipe of how to make a complex and interesting frame.” – Oleg Oprisco

Native from Lviv, in western Ukraine, Oleg Oprisco is a contemporary photographer recognized across many countries because of his masterful use of perspective, composition and especially, color and tonalities in which he captures his models and landscapes.

Oleg started his artistic career at the age of 16, when he began working in a photolab in his hometown and started to take photos of his friends and acquaintances. During the next three to four years of his life, he learned all about printing film and digital photography, and became a specialist manipulating the color of images and recognizing the most generally liked human postures. Up to date, such valuable knowledge has played a key part in his profession.


In 2009, after working in the commercial photography industry where he experienced routine and lack of innovation and creativity, he came across an old medium format film camera called Kiev 6C; it was then that he found his true passion. Since then, he has created new experiences and stories that he represents in his fairy-tale like scenarios.

Oleg’s main source of inspiration is real life and every-day activities. In his photographs, existent and surreal worlds meet with mysterious women in order to convey emotive and sensitive portraits. For Oprisco, there is no point in trying to digitally fix the complete final result in the post-production process; he plans in advance and chooses the general color scheme. That way, clothes, lights, location, makeup and hair fit in the same color range and everything is in balance.



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