The UK band NEW STREET ADVENTURE released their third single “The Big AC”, from their debut album “No Hard Feelings”.

Northern Soul is a bit of a buzz word right now, with the success of Elaine Constantine’s film of the same name unexpectedly crashing the UK box- office top 10 and a whole lot of features in the national media. New Street Adventure were there before the buzz, contributing to a movement that survived through decades, standing up the ages of Psychedelia, Disco, Punk and Heavy Metal.

Their new single, The Big AC, is a tribute to the underground nights that keep the scene alive. Written by lead singer Nick Corbin after a visit to the 6Ts all nighter at the 100 Club, it describes the inspirational rush given to him by the music that he heard. It includes lyrical shout outs to soul heroes like Curtis Mayfield, JJ Barnes and Don Thomas. Released on Monday the 9th of March and included in their debut album No Hard Feelings, it will also come out on 7inch vinyl and digital.

Having been described as the bastard child of Dexy’s and the Arctic Monkeys, the East London based outfit have just come off a successful end to 2014. Their debut album, No Hard Feelings, has been greeted by critical accolades – Clash, Artrocker and Fred Perry Subculture among others – and plenty of radio support from the likes of Bob Harris, Gary Crowley and Robert Elms, culminating in an early December session for the Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on BBC Radio Six.

Prominent fashion and music photographer Dean Chalkley has teamed up as assistant producer with dancer and Youtube celebrity Levanna Mclean (aka Northern Soul Girl) and the Infinite Ear production team for the making of the new video.

Best known as a fashion and music photographer – indeed the author of some of the best shots of Amy Winehouse, Paul Weller, Blur, The White Stripes and more – Dean Chalkley has previously collaborated with the band for “London Calling”, a series of music documentaries that airs regularly on Sky Arts. In 2012 he also directed the film Young Souls, a big statement of his passion for Northern Soul.

Leavanna Mclean has come to the attention for her dancing performances on her Youtube Channel. Her contagious video of Pharrel VS Northern Soul, where she dances to both the Velvet Hammer’s and Pharrel’s version of Happy, hit over a million views, making Leavanna a cult Youtube celebrity.

‘Be Somebody’ is a tale of overcoming urban deprivation, of pushing past the city rush and finding yourself.
(Clash Magazine)
NSA are a solid signing to the legendary Acid Jazz Records. With their unique blend of groove-laden indie-soul, and distrinctive vocal stylings.
(Fred Perry Subculture)
“One of the most exciting things to come of the Britain since that actor from those Twilight films”.
(Blues & Soul)
NSA could well stand to Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley just as The Style Council stood to the likes of Bobby Womack and Smokey Robinson.
“These days, we find ourselves in Orwellian territory … evil instrument of mass production used to subdue the masses via art and music … but a fightback is being staged”.
(The Huffington Post)



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