NEU NOW Announces 2017 Festival Programme Introducing a new generation of creative talents.

Over the years, NEU NOW has established itself as Amsterdam’s only transdisciplinary art festival devoted to presenting the best of graduating artists from across Europe and beyond. For our ninth edition, NEU NOW returns to the spaces of the Westergasfabriek to present a carefully curated selection of emerging talents entering international art arenas.

NEU NOW nurtures the fluid character of the artistic disciplines by showcasing a cross section of exciting developments on the contemporary art scene. This year’s programme brings together exhibitions, performances, installations, films, workshops and artist talks. At NEU NOW 2017 we will welcome 44 artists with 28 artworks from 16 countries.

NEU NOW gallery

Located in the Machinegebouw at the Westergasfabriek terrain, NEU NOW gallery displays twelve unique artworks. The exhibition is open to the public every day of the festival and free of charge.

While some artworks on display deal with contemporary issues such as the consequences of our presence on this earth (Stefanie Koemeda’s Windkanter (Eoliths)), others surprise by playing with scent and perception (1147m3 Westergasfabriek by Lea-Nina Fischer). Sisyphean by Park Hyo Jae and 1859 kilo, 15 h 51’ by Emma Van Roey are performative pieces, activating in intervals throughout the day. In IF ANY QUESTION (please do not interfere), artist Laurent Delom invites small groups of people to join him on a 4-minute, personal journey into empathy, surprise and bitter deceit.

Neu Now
© Astrit Ismaili, Unikat, 2015, photographer Ana Cigon

NEU NOW outdoors

New this year: Scattered around the Westergasfabriek terrain, NEU NOW outdoors presents two performative works and two interactive installations.
From an engaging exploration of social media, artistic creation and interaction by Franco Cortez in Art Club Ultra (vol. II); hosted by Franky D’miedo to a startling and unsettling reflection on migration in Europe in Dark Chamber / Camera Obscura by Otto Banovits, the outdoors artworks will offer intriguing experiences for everyone.

NEU NOW stage

Additionally, NEU NOW will host a series of performances at Westergastheater. Expect two or more exciting performances daily. | Beulingstraat 8 1017 BA Amsterdam

From theatre and dance to music and sound, the performances offer a variety of themes and styles. This year we have a programme filled with a spectrum of experiences, from hilarious moments to jarring confrontations. The programme includes works addressing identity and belonging in the work Beauty & the Beast by Enis Turan and Unikat by Astrit and Blerta Ismaili, as well as peculiar and fascinating explorations of the body and mind, like LET’S NOT PRETEND TO BE ALONE HERE by Emilie Gregersen, Naya Moll, Rebecka Berchtold and Riikka Laurilehto. After each performance visitors are invited to stick around for the NEU NOW artist talks.

NEU NOW screen

Our film programme at het Ketelhuis will feature a compilation of five short films: two animations and three live-action short films, tackling topics such as superstition, social isolation and artificial nature.

The selection of artists for NEU NOW screen includes: Ślady ulotne (Traces of ephemeral)
by Agnieszka Waszczeniuk, 登 晚餐 (Log in Dinner) by 張志威 Cheong Chi Wai and 謝 宏 Hsieh Hung-Li, Krkavčí matka (Raven Mother) by Noemi Valentíny, Nature: All Rights Reserved by Sebastian Mulder and ingenocide by Araks Sahakyan.

NEU NOW nacht

On the evening of Saturday the 16th of September, NEU NOW invites visitors to enjoy an artsy late- night party programme, with performances, DJ acts, drinks, and much more. More details will be announced soon.

Neu Now
© Enis Turan, Beauty and the Beast, 2015. Photographer: Anke Schwarzer

Europe’s Emerging Artists

NEU NOW is Amsterdam’s transdisciplinary art festival devoted to presenting the work of exceptional emerging artists. Every year, our international jury selects the best of graduating artists emerging from art academies across Europe.

We nurture the fluid character of the artistic disciplines by showcasing a cross section of exciting developments on the contemporary art scene through a programme in which exhibitions, performances, films, workshops and artist talks converge to provide new perspectives.

Neu Now
© Didi Lehnhausen, Ten meters of evidence, 2016.

Our mission: to empower emerging artists and provide meaningful opportunities for the development of artists, creatives and visitors alike.

In addition to the main event in September and the NEU NOW Online Showcase, we support emerging artists throughout the year. NEU NOW operates as a platform promoting artistic excellence and creating an (inter)national springboard for artists of the future. Select artists are invited to show their work and participate in residencies with partners of NEU NOW including Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Prix Europa Berlin and more.

NEU NOW is an initiative of ELIA – European League of Institutes of the Arts.


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