Asheville’s Nest Egg announce sophomore album ‘Nothingness Is Not A Curse’
Share the minimalist kraut-punk of lead-single ‘Long Night Outside’

Nest Egg are a three-piece from Asheville, North Carolina who describe their head-heavy and kosmische psych-rock wig-outs as ‘mood music for nihilists’. Following a handful of tapes and singles, in 2015 the band released their debut album ‘Respectable’ – a record which cemented their minimalistic kraut-punk jams as one of the most exciting new exports in the States.

Three years on and the band have taken for international waters, joining forces with London-label Fuzz Club for the release of their sophomore album ‘Nothingness Is Not A Curse’. The album is due for release April 13th and to announce the release the band are sharing the propulsive groove of the first cut, ‘Long Night Outside’.

In a similar ballpark to the likes of Moon Duo or Follakzoid, the new record see’s Nest Egg free-fall down an all-consuming rabbit-hole of cosmic repetition, tripped-out drones, swirling analogue synths and cacophonous guitars; the driving krautrock gusto never letting loose for a second.

Talking of the new album, the band explain: “We tracked Nothingness Is Not A Curse mostly back in 2016 and finished it up last year, we’re really excited to have it coming out on Fuzz Club. The songs were mostly written a couple of years ago and the content is just a conglomeration of everything from that time. It ranges from songs about spending a lot of time in the outdoors to songs about air travel or getting rid of scummy people in your life.”

Nest Egg is the brainchild of Harvey leisure (guitar/vocals), Ross Gentry (bass/keys) and Thom Nguyen (drums). Formed back in 2011, the band have built up a formidable reputation in the US live circuit, playing with everyone who’s anyone – from garage juggernauts Thee Oh Sees to space-rock innovators Loop.

“Nest Egg’s proletariat, spartan control of their Kosmische style doesn’t attempt to mechanically distance or disassociate its velocity from the energy of American rock music or Rhythm & Blues roots. Rather, they inflect their minimalist tendencies with a twang of southern badassery that makes their groove primal and raw.” Tiny Mixtapes

“Nest Egg match wiry, black-clad post-punk to elements of Krautrock, to the endless rhythmic repetition of Neu!… ‘Long Night Outside’ and it’s a wonderfully atmospheric return, utilisingmorse code guitars, shards of noise and that perpetual drum beat… Gloriously expansive while retaining a taut, minimalist palette.” Clash Magazine

“Clearly wearing their influences on their shoulders you can almost hear the German innovators of Krautrock in the repetitive grooves of the songs, with the sonic overlords Hawkwind whispering into their ears much like the devil…” Psychedelic Baby Magazine

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