Narcosatanicos is a noise rock group from Aarhus, Denmark. Formed in early 2012, the cacophonous sextet draws on various influences from late 60’s proto-punk and krautrock to more recent variants of aggressive music. Body Cults is their second album and it is due out November 4th on Bad Afro Records.

Body Cults sounds a bit like if you accidently opened the gates to hell and was met by a wall of psychotic psychedelic noise rock made by Satan himself. It’s a sonic mindfuck fueled on bad acid, paranoia and distortion. Three guitars, bass, drums and a saxophone player who must have spent his entire life listening to Fun House by The Stooges makes up this chaotic band and yet there is reason to be found somewhere in this vicious attack on your senses.

Their intense live presence has garnered Narcosatanicos a notable reputation in the Scandinavian underground and the band has toured in several European countries and played lauded sets at major festivals like Roskilde Festival and Spot in Denmark, Tallinn Music Week, Øya in Norway and Eurosonic in the Netherlands.

One reason why Narcosatanicos can sound like a bad trip could be their rehearsal room. During World War II the basement was a factory used to make chemicals and if you bring a Geiger counter to the rehearsal room today it will tell you that it is still radioactive. No shit.


Body Cults is recorded and mixed at Sonic Studio by Thomas Mee and Victor Kim and the album is mastered by Flemming Rasmuseen at Sweet Silence. Artwork by Gregory Jacobsen.

Line-up on Body Cults: Victor Kim (Vocals, Guitar), Tobias Holmbeck (Guitar, Vocals), Kasper Skotte (Guitar), Zeki Jindyl Søgaard (Saxophone, Vocals), Johannes Krøyer (Drums) and Mikkel Stenholt (Bass).

First print of the LP is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl and includes a CD with the entire album.


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