Exhibition Opening Myscha Oréo at SeeMe.
We strongly believe in the power of creativity and are always looking for inspiration. This is why we created a new collaboration platform. Through this platform we give artists a chance to show their work and inspire us and our customers every day. SeeMe opens up its store for artists and creates a small but vibrant gallery. Our goal is to collaborate with several artists this year.

Get inspired not only by Myscha Oréo’s stunning photography but also by her fine drawings and delicate paintings.
For the first time SeeMe will exhibit the work of artist Myscha Oréo from 25 May – 29 July 2017.

About the exhibition

“ Myscha Oréo is not in search of the feminine, she is in search of the multiple ways the feminine is expressed trough the female naked, powerful and vulnerable body.

What is it in woman that releases such deep emotions only by looking at it? Is it the fragile aspect of the body adaptable and available? Is it the strength of her ability to receive and transform into giving life? Is it the view inwards and the connection we feel to our origin? Whatever may be present in the body of a naked woman, Myscha Oréo unveils it without too much extra information.

What you see in her images is a voyage through the female self. Unsexualized, unpossessed and exposed is the naked body that stares back at you. As if you would look into a mirror and see an image that sends you inwards to seek for the hidden aspects of humanity. They are brought into light not by removing the clothes, but by the way her models dare to surrender to her and show their true femininity without the eye of the other changing their true nakedness”.

Alexandra Duvekot


Myscha Oréo has donated one piece of her collection (“Kimono series – Blue”) to be auctioned by SeeMe.

By purchasing this beautiful piece you will simultaneously support SeeMe’s brave jewelry artisans in Tunisia as the proceeds will be donated to them.


Myscha Oréo

Myscha Oréo

Please RSVP via this link.

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