Moon Valley is located on a small peninsula (Capo Testa) in the extreme north of Sardinia Island. Since the 60s the island has been a destination for hippies and people who want to run away from society.
The peninsula is dotted by caves, some of them inhabited. In 1971 one of the first Italian hippie commune was founded in Cala Grande in Gallura. The valley is now frequented by alternative people, rastas, punks, backpackers etc.

This summer I visited this magical place and I met an artist and artisan named Grazia.

She went there for summer vacation, or as she said to me:- “I needed a break, I was on the verge of collapse, I fell in love with Sardinia and with my boyfriend so I never left”.
She has been living in the Moon Valley (or as they call it there Valle) since august 2010.


In summer time it’s pretty busy, many people visit the Valle, some just for a few days, others until the end of September. In winter time only four or five people live in the caves – Grazia and her boyfriend (Peppone) live in a camper just outside the Moon Valley.

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She doesn’t miss the “real life” maybe apart from “watching movies on the couch” or chatting on the internet.
She makes jewelry and reads a lot.

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