The acclaimed young Danish duo mono mono takes a courageous leap on their new EP, Natural. The shelter human’s natural flaws by bringing in their own vulnerabilities. The duo’s debut EP is an open-minded portrait of two young people who captures the listener into a dreamy universe.

When the soft tones from Karoline Elsig’s vocal and saxophone are combined with Jakob Franck’s well-produced beats, a completely unique and seductive sound-universe is created. By presenting a universe where the dynamic sound image is decorated with a mix of electronic sounds, soothing vocals and hypnotic saxophones.

The duo’s new EP, natural, invites us into a space where the unspoilt human is al-lowed to act freely. With natural mono mono praises the things that are sometimes viewed as flaws and interprets these flaws into a positive context, where naturalness, is celebrated.


The EP is published as a unity of sound and the visual through a lookbook with illustra-tions, lyrics and photos that complete the message and themes of natural.

As the title suggests, the EP tries to bring issues such as naturalness, honesty and au-thenticity into the otherwise glamorous pop music that often dominates the charts. With an organic and unpolished sound, mono mono gives the listener an honest insight into their hovering universe. The texts circulate on topics like heartache, loneliness and longing. A lyrical universe with an honest touch that stands in contrast to the hard and electronic sound.

With more than 200,000 streams on Spotify with their first single ‘City Lights’, as well as airplay on national radio, mono mono went straight into the hearts of the Danes. Im-mediately they were found as number one on the Danish playlist “Barometerlisten”.

They have been predicted a great future and designated as «the new masters of ambient synth» by Wonderland Magazine. A title the duo proved when they delivered a complete live show for a crowded hall on the stage, Filuren, at last year’s SPOT festival. In addition, the international music magazine JaJaJa Music, has placed mono mono as 1 of top 5 promising Danish artists in 2018, and Bands of Tomorrow has appointed them as one act of 18 Scandinavian names, you should keep an eye on this year.

Two statements that seem very true when listening to the duo’s forthcoming EP. In the end of the summer the heartwarming electronic duo will head on a tour around Denmark, where they once again will unfold their dreamy sound-universe and meet the audience in their natural and emotional music.

RELEASE DATE: 8 Juni 2018

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