With their newly released single ‘CityLights’ Danish mono mono has got airplay on Danish natioanl radio, recognition on international blogs and is soon reaching 93.000 plays on Spotify. Now mono mono is ready with their new single ‘Helium Balloon’ that from very first second lifts the listener up to the clouds among helium balloons. As the song adorn the atmosphere with a balance between grace and attitude, we find ourselves floating to the vocal sound and rhythmic nodding to the beat.

Danish electronic pop-duo mono mono consisting of Karoline Elsig and Jakob Franck are showering us in otherworldly tunes demanding our attention and definitely deserving of yours.

They are sending their listeners off to a dreamy universe with a dynamic soundscape decorated with a mix of electronic sounds, soothing vocals and hypnotic saxophones.

Besides Scandinavian architecture, design, fashion and cuisine trending worldwide, we are experiencing a wave of Scandinavian sounds sliding into the curiosity of music lovers.

Mono Mono are excellent representatives of this quality there seem to be a high demand for especially right now in the world of music. And with an angelic high-pitch catchy hook and a dreamy sax, what’s not to love?

“There are no shortage of electro- / ambient-pop duos today. So how do two people separate themselves from the crowded field? Danish group mono mono might have found the perfect formula.”The Revue

“I am completely lost in the music of mono mono. I could write stories and thoughts down in this post for hours, but I will spare you the trouble of scrolling down to the music and let you simply listen to it right now”Good Because Danish

“It’s not a secret that I have a little crush on mono mono and “CiytLights”, which makes the rainy days with too many thoughts and too little time a bit nicer. mono mono manage to make time stand still for a while and make room for thoughts. Thank you!” - Regnsky


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