Micky Hoogendijk ‘Through the Eyes of Others’
April 19th – May 19th 2018

Gallery Hans Persoon and the floral designers of Oogenlust present an exhibition of Micky Hoogendijk. The Dutch fine art photographer shows portraits reflecting the concealed vulnerability and beauty of people with a prominent role for her new series ‘The Nudes’, transverse to the spirit of the time. A time where social media and society are hiding the human body. The exhibition ‘Through the Eyes of Others’ runs from April 19th until May 19th 2018 at Domein Oogenlust in Eersel, in the south of Holland.

For ‘The Nudes’ male and female models, young and old, are exposed nude literally and figuratively. Every naked body takes a step straight towards you. The serene nude portraits show the ultimate vulnerability. With these images new, intriguing compositions have been made, in response to the current zeitgeist.

On Thursday April 19th Micky Hoogendijk gives a spectacular presentation of ‘The Nudes’. During an exclusive dinner by chef de cuisine Dick Middelweerd of restaurant De Treeswijkhoeve**, the artist will explain her new project and passion. This fourth edition of ‘Aan tafel met’ (‘Dinner with’) is the official opening of the exhibition. Jimmy Nelson, Bas Meeuws and Mart Visser preceded Hoogendijk.

The autonomous work of Micky Hoogendijk is characterized by sharp iconic images that deeply touch your soul. Recurring themes are religion, society, androgyny and mythology. The artist takes the beholder on a journey into her universe: a dynamic and inspiring realm where visual arts, technology and theater melt together into photography.

Micky Hoogendijk

Micky Hoogendijk

Micky Hoogendijk

Micky Hoogendijk (1970) currently lives and works in Los Angeles. In 2017 the artist launched her first book ’Through the Eyes of Others’, followed by museum exhibitions in the Netherlands and Mexico. Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam also presents her work at art fairs such as the KunstRAI and PAN Amsterdam.



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