New solo project from Eric Strand of The Orange Revival reveals fuzzed-out first single from debut EP, featuring guest vocals from Jake Garcia of The Black Angels

Rumbling out of Stockholm on a cloud of reverb and feedback, Medistation – a new project from Eric Strand of The Orange Revival – deals in visceral noise-pop that sounds like the best band Creation never signed. The project has been in the works since 2014 but recorded music was yet to see the light of day, until now! On April 20th Medistation will be releasing his self-titled debut EP on Fuzz Club Records and to announce the release he’s now sharing the first single, ‘Pool Of Blood’, which features guest vocals from Jake Garcia of Texas psych-rock heavyweights The Black Angels.

On the EP, Medistation channels the sluggish razor-sharp guitars and commanding vocals of the Mary Chain with glimmers of ethereal noise-pop that falls somewhere between the gospel-psychedelia of Spiritualized and Primal Scream before Gillespie discovered acid-house and amphetamines at the turn of the nineties. First cut ‘Pool Of Blood’ is a lethargic, entrancing cut that’s propelled by bludgeoning fuzzed-out guitars snarling vocals, sounding like an early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club B-side.

The EP is a collaborative effort, although constantly revolving around the creative vision of Eric, as well as guest vocals from Jake Garcia (The Black Angels), it also includes percussion from Cobian Modeste (The Buttertones) and grand piano from Max Groundstroem (Samling/Valp).

Eric’s other project The Orange Revival have established themselves as key players in the European neo-psychedelic movement, and with a full band in the works in preparation for a string of live shows, Medistation looks to be heading in that direction too. This debut EP is a reverberating, melodic and inspired statement that demands your attention from the off and keeps you immersed right until the end.

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