With their second album, Lower, on its way very soon, the Berlin duo have announced a European/South African tour and shared the video for the second single from the forthcoming LP

For Medicine Boy, their melancholic noise pop lullabies are less about all-out-noise than they are about exploring the spaces in-between. Grinding organs and soft desolate piano sink beneath waves of guitar that are at times gentle and drifting, at others feral and unforgiving. All the while, Lucy Kruger and Andre Leo’s voices remain entwined and intimate – sometimes discordant, yet always heavenly. The result is an eerily beautiful sound that sits somewhere between PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star and the Mary Chain, yet exists in a sombre world of its own. Laying out their mantra, the band explain: “The joy of working with noise is that you can take something that appears to be quite sweet and simple and expose the sordid parts of it, or celebrate the sublime in it. Ideally a bit of both.”

Medicine Boy

Medicine Boy are currently gearing up for the release of their incredible second album Lower on October 5th and with the release fast-approaching, the band have announced a huge tour of Europe and South America and are now sharing the second single ‘For The Time Being’ – one of the softer more endearing tracks to be taken from the album, alongside an appropriately hazy new video.

Medicine Boy

The track is a hauntingly beautiful and imposing slow-burner that has more in common with the likes of Grouper and Broadcast than any of the shoegazing influences that shine through on other moments in the album. Talking about the track, Lucy explains: “’For The Time Being’ is about what is being said in-between conversations. About the quiet shifts that happen amidst the repetition. Something you may sometimes feel but cannot name and seem powerless to change.”


26/10 – Cape Town (ZA) – Cafe Roux
03/11 – Cape Town (ZA) – Endless Daze Festival
16/11 – Halle (DE) – Pierre Grasse
17/11 – Worms (DE) – Bad Seed Studio
18/11 – Ghent (BE) – Aap Vlasmarkt
19/11 – Nancy (FR) – Brasserie Saint-Epvre
20/11 – Bordeaux (FR) – L’Astrodome
21/11 – Paris (FR) – Supersonic
22/11 – Rouen (FR) – Le 3 Pieces
23/11 – London (UK) – The Waiting Room
24/11 – Cardiff (UK) – The Moon
25/11 – Bristol (UK) – The Lanes
27/11 – Toulouse (FR) – Le Ravelin
28/11 – Zaragoza (ES) – El Zorro
29/11 – Madrid (ES) – El Perro Club
30/11 – Lisbon (PT) – Sabotage
01/12 – Vigo (ES) – Radar Estudios
03/12 – Lyon (FR) – Le Farmer
04/12 – Munich (DE) – Import Export
05/12 – Prague (CZ) – Kasarna Karlin
07/12 – Gdansk (PL) – Spacefest
08/12 – Warsaw (PL) – Klub CH25
12/12 – Berlin (DE) – Monarch

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