Under this title Walls Gallery is soon to open the second major solo exhibition by Martine Johanna in Amsterdam.

This exhibition of all new works stems from her fascination with the persistent prejudices about female mental state. In particular, the social tendency to label women as “hysterical” or inappropriate once her natural behavior conflicts with the patriarchal standard. This denial of the right of being outspoken as a girl and woman awoke in her a strong sense of alienation from the world around her. Always confirmed that she did not fit into this mold, she became obsessed with an unattainable ideal and at the same time wanting to fatalistically bathe in any kind of attention. Manifesting an overwhelming desire for mental and physical freedom. She dreamed of the impossible and fantasized about an unobtainable ecstatic liberation. This dream remains just a fantasy even now, in the expansion of her desire. Because what a woman does not to expose out of her own choice, makes her essentially an elusive entity and thus freed from the standard.

“I seek liberation in my work”




Martine Johanna, graduated from ArtEZ Arnhem, has a striking style within the contemporary art world. Mid-2008, after a successful career as a fashion designer, she fully applied herself to her autonomous work. Martine’s art is characterized by exploring the boundaries between contemporary illustration and figurative painting, and is stylistically reminiscent of Art Nouveau, but with a contemporary vision. The work consists of imaginary worlds with a stylistic nod to fashion and a great eye for detail. The mostly female figures are depicted in a surreal environment or are isolated in their thoughts. Both on canvas, wood or paper the works contain a complex intriguing feminine energy that makes you stop and enthrall you in their illusiveness. Her work has been published and exhibited worldwide.

Opening Saturday 6 September 2014 16 – 19 hrs
In presence of the artist

Walls Gallery • Prinsengracht 737-bg • Amsterdam, Nh 1017 JX


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