Marta Bevacqua was born in 1989. she grew up in a red house in the countryside in south of Rome. Thanks to that red house she started taking photos.Marta picked up her first camera when she was sixteen years old, not really knowing what she was doing. As time passed, everything made sense: Marta wanted to be a photographer.

Marta Bevacqua started working after her high school graduation on her personal projects in order to find her own style. In 2011 Marta discovered fashion, and she loved it. She took a course in the Central Saint Martins school of London and worked in Milan and Rome. Since January 2014 Marta Bevacqua lives in Paris.

I consider myself not only a fashion photographer but most of all a story-teller. I want to tell my stories about beauty, I’m inspired by nature and small things. I constantly feel the urge to create.







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