Mart Aire is an urban artist from Buenos Aires regarded today as one important member of the first generation of graffiti art that arose in Argentina in the 1990’s.

Mart Aire ’s childhood and teenager’s street experiences with friends and family were the main triggers for his inclination and interest towards urban art. He and his friends were delinquents, so he realized that painting was a good way to stay away from that.

He started as a graffiti writer and began painting his name on buildings at the early age of 12. Since then, his self-thought artistic skills and talent have evolved and transformed into a truly creative way of expression.


Mart Aire


Throughout his career, improvisation and experimentation have been key elements in his portrayal. He likes to depict magical worlds and fantastic stories with strange characters. His latest works are characterized by playful figurative subjects, representing, through a unique and skillful ability to use aerosol, slender people on bicycles or pirates. His extraordinary use of color is distinguishable.

Mart expects to beautify the city landscape by creating colorful and original mural paintings. His designs are fluid and full of life and are intended to awaken feelings of happiness and joy in people. He sees street art as a mean to positively influence society. He wants children to realize that they can do whatever they like and still have a comfortable and happy life.


Mart Aire

During his trajectory, Mart has become an international artist and an emblematic artistic figure in Palermo, his home neighborhood.

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Words:  Dalia Vasquez

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