Marie Rime – The New Portrayal Of Tribal Art

Tribal art is the fundamental constituent in some of Marie Rime ’s most recognized works. Recently graduated from the bachelor in Photography at ECAL, this talented 24-year-old Swiss artist has created remarkable masques that bear a resemblance to those used in antique ceremonial rituals. Her unique ability to transform multiple objects into her fantastic costumes have helped defined her eccentric and colorful style.

Native from Charmey, Switzerland and currently based in Lausanne, Marie Rime has taken the essence of the art of indigenous cultures and adapted it to her own artistic and quirky masks, headpieces and collars. Using tribal art as her main source of inspiration, Rime works with different every-day materials to analyze her impressions regarding a broad extension of subjects. What started as pieces glued to Rime’s own head, eventually resulted in flamboyant artworks of an extraordinary conception, detail and craftsmanship.
Among her most distinguished collections are “Masques”, a project about the meaning of games and the role of players in which Rime crafted masks gluing cards and board game pieces together; “Armures”, an exploration of the relationship between ornament, power and war; and “Symétrie de pouvoir”, a series of images that analyze the concept of symmetry taking as a starting point the butterfly.
“I like that you can see that it’s handmade and where the paper background ends at the bottom. It sets the person in the image, like a statue”. – Marie Rime told The Guardian
Of an imposing, geometric and elaborate nature, Marie Rime’s female portraits have been exhibited in countries like France, Italy, China and Switzerland.

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Words: Dalia Vasquez.

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