Italian artist Luca Valerio D’Amico will paint a 4 meters wall during PARADOX an art, music and fashion event at Sugarfactory Amsterdam.

The great artist Luca Valerio D’Amico will be the first artist to discover. His art has been all over the world from New York to Moscow and is coming now all the way from Rome to visualize your dream in a live-wall painting, to launch his exhibition in The Sugarfactory, will he finish it on time?

On Wednesday the 31st of May the first edition of the experimental event Paradox will take place in The Sugar Factory in Amsterdam. This event wants to inspire the people to become more aware through music, art, fashion, spoken word, virtual reality and live-performances.

See the world as your playground.

We all start as children who see the world as their playground. Everything is possible, there are no limits. We are free to do whatever we want and we play and learn because we can. Not because we have to.

Paradox gives the opportunity the forget time and create

With the Virtual Reality Paintlab, the last spot on the Art & Fashion Route, the visitor can create their own space in time while the whole club can witness their piece of art, live on the big screen.

During this night there will be playing both relaxing and energising electronical music accompanied by the saxophone. Tom Leeuwenburg has played together with the best dj’s all over the world, on several festivals, on the Dutch television won several prices and now he will set his saxophone on fire at Paradox.

foto_luca copy

The Paradox stage will be filled with live-performances where the talented spoken word artists will bring their master play of words in the game. Anne Bosveld starring in several magazines and documentaries (Genderbende), will have no mercy and touch you in de deepest parts of your soul. One of the artists will give you a one of a kind experience and surprise you with his spoken word piece accompanied by music, a dancer and virtual reality!

The Paradox event will be bringing all kinds of creators of the virtual art (on 5 big screens), art, fashion, dance, spoken word and music together with one purpose, inspire the visitors to live their lives to the fullest.