What is the definition of love and how does one comprehend the meaning of that one true love? X Bank is proud to showcase the first exhibition by Cornelius: LOVE IN A TIME OF NEON.

This romantic exhibition of handmade neon objects triggers the mind to comprehend the meaning of the one true love we all once meet. Cornelius developed a fascination for neon after working with light objects in various ways, for his former roles in the world of high-end luxury. We love how Cornelius showcases the neon in its ‘true colours’ and exposes it as a legitimate form of art. His work is bold, emotional, explosive and filled with love.
All works are handmade, in a limited edition of five.

X Bank, Spuistraat 172 in Amsterdam from the 22nd of November 2016 until the 8th of January 2017.


More info: http://xbank.amsterdam/

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