Born in Genoa in 1970, Lorenzo Petrantoni is currently a solicited graphic artist known for his peculiar style of incorporating both, punk and Victorian elements in his visual illustrations.

He has collaborated with international brands and magazines like Coca ColaNewsweekThe New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. One of his most renowned collaborations was with Swatch in 2012, in which he designed five black and whitewatches that mixed antique and modern motifs and patterns.

He studied Graphic Arts in Milan and then worked in France as a press art director of Young & Rubicam, a marketing and communications company. Later on he returned to Italy and became a vital member of several of the most important communication agencies in the country.

In order to create his singular representations, he uses images from the Victorian era that he finds in antique books and dictionaries. He hopes to revive the interest for these characters and illustrations carefully arranging them in often black and white collages of images, figures and texts. His artworks are also characterized by his variant use of typographies.

Lorenzo does not work with computer; he creates his artworks by hand in which each element is thought and designed with great effort and considerable amount of detail. The result is always a jammed illustration that invites the viewer to approach, focus and eventually discover the hidden story represented.


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Words: Dalia Vasquez 

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