Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam presents from 28 January until 18 March an exhibition of Dutch art photographer Lilith. ‘Wallflowers and other people’ shows humorous and ironic self-portraits. The gallery presents a selection of two new series: ‘Bit Player’ and ‘Faded Glory’.

Henriëtte van Gasteren (1964), using the artist name Lilith, is a storyteller with a great passion for photography. Since 2006, she has used self-portraits to convey her stories. Recurring themes are women, identity, female archetypes, gender bending and life itself. Her work is imbibed with the spirit of freedom and equality.

In ‘Bit Player’ Lilith is portraying her relatives, friends and acquaintances in her stories. In these self-portraits, others play the leading role while Lilith plays a supporting role. The self-portraits are about them, their jobs, their hobbies, their environment and the life they lead. Her working method hasn’t changed. She still uses a camera, tripod and remote control.

‘Faded Glory’ shows us the beauty of decay. Decay of flowers, plants, her body. We can’t live forever and Lilith accepts it as a gift that there’s a beginning and an end to every life. And there’s beauty in every part of every life.

Partly simultaneous with the show in Amsterdam, there will also be an exhibition of Lilith’s work in CODA Museum in Apeldoorn. From 29 January until 28 May 2017: ‘Under my skin’. The museum will show (another) selection of 4 series and 4 videos.

Lilith – ‘Wallflowers and other people’
28 January – 18 March 2017 – Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam





Gallery opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday: 1 – 6 PM.


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