Designer Matty Bovan brought us all into a world of fashion madness. The styling by told a story of ‘The Mad Hatter’ meets for tea in a witchcraft wonderland. A marriage of regal insanity and majestic chaos. Make-up by Miranda Joyce blended natural looks with a pronounced cranberry lip. Hair by Sid Hayes with a collaboration of Coach emphasized raspy chic bob cuts, as one of many great styles.

A combination of these amongst set design left you feeling the 17th century was reintroduced into the current world of fashion, Matty left your mind blown in his whijsmatic world. The models were casted in an interesting brew. Matty’s work of art is molding the world for the fall season of layering prints, faux furs, and textures. This was a Blonstein production.

Bursting with character, uniqueness… deserving of being a highlight to LFW AW19. Vivienne Westwood would certainly give a head nod.

Matty Bovan

Matty Bovan

Matty Bovan

Matty Bovan

matty bovan png

Matty Bovan from D'Nero Group on Vimeo.

Article by: Dnero Group
Editor: William Nero
Photo: Shanice R. Jones

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