Psychedelia has always been deeply ingrained in South America’s culture and history, harking all the way back to the 1960s with the politically charged Tropicalia movement. Things are no different now; it’s host to a wealth of great bands such as Follakzoid, Boogarins and The Holydrug Couple, to name a few, but the next to join the ranks for global domination is Las Cobras – a totally hypnotic boyfriend/girlfriend duo hailing from a small town in Uruguay.

London imprint Fuzz Club Records recently announced they’d signed the band to put out their debut LP ‘Temporal’ (released May 19th) and as the release draws slowly closer, the label is delighted to share the video for ‘So Much Love’ – the second single from the forthcoming album. The album itself is influenced as much by psych/krautrock greats a la BJM and Suicide as it is wildly immersed in the lysergic sounds of South America – at times delving into lush and textured afro-beat and tropicalia influences. ‘So Much Love’ is probably the darkest and heaviest cut from the album, it’s a fuzz-fuelled psychotropic lament underpinned by motorik drum-machine percussion, foreboding bass lines and enthralling harmonies from both Sofia and Leandro.

Las Cobras

Las Cobras is comprised of Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebellato. Despite being a totally new band, forming in the summer of 2016, these new tracks are certain to pin the duo firmly on the radars for psych-heads across the globe. Still fully immersed in their latin roots their groove-ridden, mystical psychedelia is totally mesmerising – an all-encompassing journey through warped synths, tropic percussion, lysergic bass-lines, smoky vocals and chiming, fuzzed-out guitars.

“Las Cobras’ sonic approach of psychedelic adventures is quite special. Atmospheric and cinematic. Mysterious and bewitching” Turn Up The Volume

“A texturally luscious duo, whose sun-kissed psychedelic sprawls mix the ethereal beauty of Slowdive, the psychedelic march of the BJM, and a hoard of sounds more traditionally associated with South America” Echo Chamber

“[So Much Love] is dark, very dark, tapping upon a head shrooming dissolving mantra, we here are hearing elements of Suicide getting bug eyed and freaked by Psychic TV, absolutely wasted stuff.” The Sunday Experience

Las Cobras

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