There are certain new indie designers who can only be described as cool — and Julia Seemann has tapped into something new and fresh that the style set should be clamoring to wear. Geometric and splashy, but restrained, Seemann’s work is part streetcar, part sculpture.

Julia Seemann works and lives in Zurich, Switzerland. She graduated with honors from the Institute Of Fashion Design at the Academy Of Art And Design in Basel in 2014 and worked for Vivienne Westwood and Meadham Kirchhoff in London.

Julia’s work follows one main aesthetic vision: to combine reduced geometric forms with plain or rough fabrics and materials with the aim to create a feminine, sensual and elegant look with an edgy twist. In line with these basic principles, her new collection “Another Composition” is particularly inspired by regular workwear clothing and focuses on the use of strong, primary colors.





Photo: Lauretta Suter

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