Joe Iurato is a New-Jersey based artist known for the transience of his small three-dimensional paper cut artworks.

Joe Iurato is a street artist that once dedicated his life to paint his ideas and dreams on real-size walls. Today, he has shifted to portable and short-lived creations that measure no more than 15” (38 cm).

He works with hand paper cut and spray painted wood stencils to draw three-dimensional illustrations based on his own personal adventures and memories. Experiences like skateboarding, rock climbing, becoming a father, traveling, and meeting new people, have helped him create new ideas and designs.




He locates his projects usually outdoors making the best use of the circumstances of the environment, like street lamps, cracks on a wall, edges, roof ledges, fences, etc. By letting their artworks freely interact with their surroundings and the community, Joe is able to create amazing stories.

“…A puddle can become a lake, a small crack in a cement wall can become a magnificent climb, a curb or window ledge can fall away into a desperate void…” explains the artist. Working with miniature illustrations has given him an infinite number of possibilities to create new characters and anecdotes.




Joe Iurato is not bothered by the impermanence of his work. He is able to document his illustrations in photographs from the best perspective; after that, it is impossible to know how long they will last exhibited: a couple of hours, a day, a week, who knows. The point is that he gets to do what he likes and gets to express himself. If by any chance a passer-by is surprised by one of his designs on the street and decides to take it, it may be an experience they will not forget, and he would have established an intimate connection with the viewer.




More information on Joe Iurato here.


Words:  Dalia Vasquez

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